About us

Long Live The Local launched in July 2018, celebrating the economic, cultural and social importance of Britain’s pubs and brewers, whilst also calling for a cut in Beer Duty.

Since then, 341,926 people have signed Long Live The Local petitions, 161,990 people have written to their MP, and over 25,000 pubs have actively campaigned their regulars with posters, dripmats and badges.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the beer and pub sector, so the campaign has shifted focus and is supporting pubs reopen by encouraging people to go back to their local for a pint and a bite to eat to help get them back on their feet.

The reason Long Live The Local has campaigned for a cut in Beer Duty previously is that pubs and brewing are two sides of the same coin; Beer Duty increases impact both. On average 40% of a pub’s turnover is beer sales and 50% of a brewery’s turnover is beer duty - so a tax on beer is a tax on pubs as well as brewers.

Long Live The Local is backed by a broad alliance of pubs, pub groups and brewers who together form Britain’s Beer Alliance. The alliance was formed in 2014 to promote beer and pubs and encourage collaboration across the industry.

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