Long Live The Local launched in July 2018 to raise awareness of the high number of pub closures across the UK and to highlight that the UK has one of the highest Beer Duty rates in the world. In two and a half years we secured over 500,000 signatures in support of a Beer Duty cut, and 285,000 emails were sent to MPs. This has helped secure three consecutive freezes in Beer Duty.

The campaign re-launched on July 6th 2021 to celebrate the important social, cultural and economic role pubs and breweries play in Britain, but remind people that we cannot take them for granted. It calls on the Government to invest in pubs and breweries through the reform of the unfair tax burden - specifically lower VAT & Business Rates for pubs and lower Beer Duty. This will help pubs and brewers thrive in coming years. In turn, this growth will create more connected and vibrant communities, local investment & vital employment and ensures our rich pub and brewing heritage continues for future generations to enjoy.

Long Live The Local is backed by a broad alliance of pubs, brewers and industry bodies.